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college, but need help getting there

We offer free guidance to counselors and students at every step along the way.

All across Wisconsin and South Dakota, we provide free workshops, labs and one-on-one advising to engage students in the college planning process. Our approach is decidedly "hands on," with an emphasis on helping students actively take the steps they need to get into college. We also provide a variety of free online and printed materials for added guidance.

Our goal is to set up students for success by helping them understand everything needed to plan, prepare and pay for college, including:

  • Choosing the right college—a good "fit" is the key predictor of college success
  • Calculating the price—overestimating cost too often limits students' choices
  • Understanding available financial aid and how to unlock it through the FAFSA®
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Every year we help guide tens of thousands of students down the path to college. Whether you need help with a specific topic, or would like to take advantage of all we offer, our team of expert College Access Advisors is here to support you. We're ready to provide services at your school, at your convenience, at no cost. We'll even provide promotional posters to help you boost attendance!

Services and printed materials are provided to high schools in South Dakota and Wisconsin exclusively.

Promote FAFSA completion in your school.

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